Biltmore Estate Proposal Photographer | Shaeleigh + Joseph

Is there any better backdrop for a proposal than the ever-stunning Biltmore Estate? (Aside from maybe the North Carolina mountains that is.)

Popping the Big Question

Shaeleigh and Joseph are an adorable couple that came to beautiful Asheville to enjoy a few days together. He currently lives in San Francisco and she’s attending college in Tennessee, so time is certainly precious. Joseph contacted me a few months before the big day and shared with me that he would be home for a few days during the Christmas break. He wanted to make sure this day was super special. I certainly think we achieved just that! 

When they arrived, they just toured the estate. It was pretty apparent she had no idea what was in store as they took their time exploring. I’m sure she was just pleasantly surprised to have this special time together, just the to of them, during her break.

Finally, they made it to one of the most picturesque views on the property. While overlooking the grand Biltmore Estates, Joseph dropped down to one knee. Even before he said a word, a look of utter shock and surprise (soon followed by an enormous smile) spread across her face. After a huge hug, a kiss or two, and maybe even a few tears…she responded with a resounding, “YES!!” Once the shock wore off slightly, we took a stroll around the grounds, stopping whenever they liked to snap a few shots. It was such a fun day together!

Capturing moments like this make all the late nights and long hours SO worthwhile as a photographer. The honor of being present on couple’s biggest days is a gift I never take lightly. Congrats you two!!

If you’re planning a proposal or need engagement photos, I’d love to help you out! Reach out to me [here]. Can’t wait to hear from you!