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U.S. Virgin Islands, St.Thomas & St.John



I recently got the opportunity to go down to the USVI with a friend. We found tickets out of Asheville for $300! So, we had to go!

I absolutely fell in love with the islands! I had never seen such beautiful water and beaches, it is pristine!  All I could thin about was how I wanted to photograph wedding in the Virgin Islands! It would be perfect, since their best season is in the winter when I am slow here.

My dream is to become a destination wedding photographer, and the virgin Islands would be a perfect place to get that started!

When I got home, within a month someone contacted me about taking their photos in St. Thomas, for their honeymoon at the end of September.  I was SO excited! I have no idea how she stumbled upon my website, but I can’t help but think it was fate. Or magic.

So, I will be going to St. Tomas at the end of September to take their honeymoon photos, and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope that this opportunity leads to more and more down in the U.S. Virgin Islands.