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Gabriella & Rory’s Engagement Photos at the Biltmore ~ Asheville Engagement Photographer

“Rory and I met in the summer of 2010 through a mutual friend who had invited both of us out to eat at Applebee’s. Rory and I ended up sitting across the table from each other! The only thing that he said to me was “how was your Caesar salad?”  I knew that I liked him and wanted to know more. I told my friend that I thought he was cute, he told Rory and Rory found me on Facebook. Since that day it was history!

Rory proposed to me in Charlotte at Bentley’s on 27. He rented a private dining room overlooking the Charlotte skyline. The reason this was important to both of us was because on our first date we went to the top of the rock in NYC that overlooked the Manhattan skyline!

We visited Asheville with a friend during the fall of 2014. We went to the Biltmore estates for a tour of the house and to walk around the property. There was such pretty scenery that we actually asked our friend to take fake engagement pictures from my phone! We knew that we had to get our pictures taken at the Biltmore! We currently do not have plans to get married but are both looking forward to planning our wedding in the near future!”