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Introducing Amy, Associate Photographer

Amy is my Associate photographer, and she is available for portrait session and wedding photography through Meghan Rolfe Photography!  The booking process is simple, you book through me and I handle all the payments.  Amy and I are both available at anytime for any question you may have.   I will be editing the images and presenting them to you!




Here is a little bit about Amy:

“I’ve been shooting around 13 years. I began as a fine arts photographer and was associated with a gallery in SC for a period of time. I love photographing people bc I feel like I get to tell their story and capture a period in their lives. I’m inspired by the people I photograph.

My style leans toward documentary/lifestyle etc. I prefer people to be themselves and when I pose people I try to stick to minimal guidance unless I’m going for something specific. I don’t like for people to look stiff or unnatural. During weddings, I like to photograph authentic moments.
My favorite part of a wedding day are the few moments after the ceremony when the bride and groom connect for the first time as a married couple. They always look so happy and relaxed at that point.  My favorite part of a portrait session is the fact that I can take the time to get to know the subjects a little and to be creative with style and posing.
I love my 24-70 lens. I like the versatility and I like that I can get pretty close to my subjects or keep my distance depending on what I’m going for. I tend to shoot wide open.
My favorite type of shoot would be outdoor portraits at sunset.  I love incorporating the mountains, flower fields, water and all aspects of nature.
My ideal clients are laid back, fun and relaxed. I like clients who enjoy the process.
Outside of photography, I really enjoy the outdoors. I am a mountain biker, hiker, climber, anything that includes being outside.  My favorite place to visit would be a sandy beach with clear ocean water however Switzerland is my favorite specific place that I have been so far.
I am a huge animal lover and I basically have a retirement home for pets. We have three elderly dogs and three elderly cats, all rescues and strays. I also have a young dog and young cat so not all oldies. The young dog goes on the trails with me when I hike and bike.
I’m vegetarian and my favorite food is avocado and black beans. I love all of the amazing restaurants in Asheville. Oh and craft beer is an amazing part of where we live!

Photography has been great for me and my family. I have the flexibility to be at home and homeschool my son but still work. Best of both worlds! Before becoming a full time photographer I ran a community residential care facility and was on call 24/7. My life is so different now and I love it!

Here is one of my favorite reviews…  “Amy helped to make our day absolutely perfect.  My husband and I had so much fun celebrating with our friends and family, and Amy did a great job at capturing everything!  The photos were a mix of portraits and casual shots of the party.  The mixed style was cool – the shots of the wedding guests really showed us how much fun everyone else was having!  The pictures of the wedding party and bride and groom were artistic and absolutely beautiful.  Amy is a really talented photographer!  To top it off, she is super sweet and we had a blast hanging out with her for the day.”   – Drew and Krystal, posted on The Knot