Outdoor Maternity Session | Alexis and Andrew

Being a new parent is such an exciting time in one’s life. I will never forget the days leading up to my children. It is a huge milestone, and definitely worth documenting! Alexis an Andrew are expecting a new child, and oh, how sweet they will be to their new baby! These two live in the area, and they wanted to have an outdoor maternity session to capture some beautiful photos to remember this special time in motherhood. They regretted not having a wedding photographer, so they realize the importance of documenting important life moments like this! I am so happy for them on this new adventure, and am so honored to have had the opportunity to capture such beautiful people.

Strength of Motherhood

Alexis made my job so easy, she was so easy to photograph. Her blue dress and blue eyes were amazing, especially with the blue mountains and sky in the backdrop. They say that pregnant mamas “glow,” and Alexis was no exception! Her timeless and beautiful demeanor was stunning on camera. She was definitely glowing! We focused the session on her and her cute baby bump, but we definitely wanted Andrew to play a big role in the photos as well. He was such a kind and caring man. I love the way he would brush the hair out of Alexis’s face as he gazed into her eyes. He would gently caress her preggo belly, and I loved being able to document such a strong sense of love between these two!

Capturing the essence of motherhood is such a passion of mine! It is so fun to create beautiful and artistic photos of the strength of a woman’s body during this time. I also love capturing the connection between the future mother & father. Alexis and Andrew are going to be such amazing parents to their new little one. I wish them many blessings in the years to come!

Outdoor Maternity SessionOutdoor Maternity Session

Alexis and Andrew are well on their way to being great parents and I know they will treasure this outdoor maternity session for a lifetime!