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Patel Family

Kristen & her husband got married at the Biltmore Estate years ago, and this is their first trip back since. This time, they had their two beautiful daughters with them. They wanted to take some time out of their busy schedules as a family to enjoy gorgeous scenery, and what better place than where they tied the knot! I’m sure it was so much fun for them to share this experience with their girls and reminisce on how far they’ve come since then. Their family has blossomed into such a beautiful, close-knit group.

I had a great time with this family. The weather was awesome, and the whole thing kind of reminded me of The Sound of Music. We had a wide-open green hill to dance across with the gently rolling Blue Ridge Mountains in the backdrop. These girls love to dance and play, which allowed me plenty of opportunities to capture great live shots of their production! As you can see, their collection of photos is pretty large. I just couldn’t quit snapping! They kept giving me one amazing shot after the next.

Their daughters were so sweet, fun, and happy for their photo shoot. Kristin said they were looking forward to it all day! That is a true gift for me to have enthusiastic children, and these two cuties seemed to have practiced ahead of time for their photoshoot. They were phenomenal. The shots of the girls with each of their parents were priceless. I’m so in love with the photos of the girls dancing with Dad and being tickled by Mom. This is what their life looks like right now, and it’s so sweet.

This family really has a lot of love for each other; it was very evident to me, and I believe I captured those bonds for them. It was truly an honor to photograph this special family vacation for the Patels so they can cherish these memories forever.