Asheville Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | Carrie & Antuan

Think to the big moments in your life. Your first school dance, graduation, your engagement, your wedding day, the day you welcome your first baby into the world , the day you see that baby take their first steps, the list goes on and on. Documenting these moments that forever impact our lives is what brings me such joy as in Asheville newborn photographer. I get to be there during the most beautiful moments in a couple of lives. Being interested with that precious task is beyond an honor. Far beyond a job.

Moments to Cherish

Carrie and Antuan purchased my motherhood package which includes a maternity and newborn session. There mountain top maternity session was absolutely gorgeous, But I have to say, I think this is my favorite of the 2. Chalk it up to my deep love of newborn photography I guess. Speaking of newborns, miles is absolutely gorgeous. They had amazing natural light pouring into their bedroom so we did most of the session there. We couldn’t help ourselves from venturing outside, seeing as it was such a stunning day.

Capturing newborn sessions in the comfort of my clients homes provide such an added depth of intimacy to these collections. For example, I love that we captured the love sign on their wall . it was fun incorporating that into the photos sing as love fills every corner of their home. And who could forget snapping a few shots with their original fur baby. All in all it was a beautiful session, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this family.